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National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor

The National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor recognizes outstanding Hispanic leaders who have established a record of achievement and excellence in Education, Athletics, Business, Public Service, Military Service, or Arts & Entertainment.

The Special Recognition category has multiple uses, the most common being to honor a non-Hispanic individual who has shown extraordinary dedication in the inspiration and support of young Hispanics.

All of our honorees present stellar role models for aspiring young Hispanics. Working with our informal mentoring programs, our honorees commit to inspiring students to believe in themselves and to strive for personal achievement. We emphasize that academic success is a path to leadership that should be used in service to the community. Our honorees are shining examples of the possibilities and power of success. To read their stories click once on HALL OF HONOR and scroll down to a particular year.

We did not have any inductions into the Hall of Honor in 2020 nor 2021. For those inducted before 2009, we have only their names and categories.

Hall of Honor – 2023 Honorees

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Eliot Garza

Founder of Media Digital Source | Business

Nick McFadin

Philanthropy | Special Recognition

Sandy McFadin

Philanthropy | Special Recognition

Hall of Honor – 2022 Honorees

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Dr. Arturo Bonilla

Founder of The Microtia-Congenital Ear Institute

Gordon Hartman

Extraordinary dedication to inclusion of individuals with special needs as valued members of society

Hall of Honor – 2019 Honorees

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Charles Barrett, Jr.

CEO of Barrett Holdings, Inc

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins,PhD

Texas House of Representatives, 120th District

Maj. Gen. Angela Salinas, USMS (Ret)

CEO of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas

Hall of Honor – 2018 Honorees

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Heriberto “Berto” Guerra, Jr.

C.E.O. of Avanzar Interior Technologies GP,LLC

State Senator Judith Zaffirini

Public Service | 21th Senatorial District

Dr. Louis J. Agnese, Jr.

President Emeritus – University of the Incarnate Word

Hall of Honor – 2017 Honorees

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Gerardo Márquez

Former Basketball Player and Coach

Francisco González Cigarroa, M.D.

Former Chancellor of the University of Texas System

Honorable Judge Mary Dolores Román

Judge 175th District Court of Texas, Retired

Hall of Honor – 2016 Honorees

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John Quinones

ABC News correspondent, host of “What would you do?”

The 1957 San Felipe High School Golf Team

Texas Class A state champions

The Honorable Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

Bexar County Commissioner

The Honorable Ciro Rodriguez

Justice of the Peace, former U.S. Congressman, former Texas House Representative

Mary Rose Cardenas

Former Chancellor of the University of Texas System

Jack Hank

Our Lady of the Lake University: Vice President of Student Life, Athletic Director

Hall of Honor – 2015 Honorees

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Sergeant Jose Rodela

Medal of Honor

Tom Contreras

Insurance, Risk Management

Paul S. Saenz, DO

Sports Medicine

Judith G. Loredo, Ph.D.

Former Southside Independent School District

Doug Cross

Banker, Homebuilder, Investor

Ambassador Oliver P. Garza

U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua (1999-2002)

Hall of Honor – 2014 Honorees

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Jesse “James” Leija

A Thinking Fighter Models Right Behavior for Westside Youth

Dr. Maria Hernandez-Ferrier

Texas A&M, San Antonio’s First President

Roy Orozco

A Life of Service

Dr. Paul Garcia

WellMed’s first Geriatrician

Chief Justice Alma L. Lopez

The First Hispanic Woman elected as Chief Justice to an Appellate Court in the United States

Prof. Wayne F. Yakes MD, FSIR, FCIRSE

Pursuit of Excellence

Hall of Honor – 2013 Honorees

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Clarence Kahlig II

Owner of Seven Auto Dealerships

Sylvester Perez

Overcoming low expectations to opening doors of opportunity for Texas students

Henry Cisneros

Mayor of San Antonio (1981-89)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1993-97)

JoAnn Ezquerra Boone

Following a Strong Work Ethic to Success

Sam Medina

Migrant Worker to District Judge, Serving on the Bench and in the Pulpit

Laredo Martin Tigers

1956 Class 4A Texas Basketball Champions

Hall of Honor – 2012 Honorees

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Felix D. Almaráz, Jr.

Historian of the Borderlands

Jimmy Gonzales

Shaping Character on the Gridiron

Ruben L. Tenorio Jr., D.O., F.A.C.O.I

Fighting Diabetes, Treating Fighters

Arnulfo R. Garza-Vale, M.D.

A Surgeon Inspiring Students to Study

Honorable Charles A. Gonzalez

Continuing a Family Legacy of Service to the People

John Longoria

Serving with Knowledge and Leadership

Maj. Gen. Alfred A. Valenzuela, U.S. Army (Ret.)

True to the Service, True to His People

Juan Tejeda

Nurturing the Heart of the Community with Music

Fred Jones

Coaching with Fierce Focus

Hall of Honor – 2011 Honorees

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Dr. Ruben Gallegos

A Border Educator with a True Sense of His Students’ Challenges

Rudolph “Rudy” Bowles

A Leader on the Court, in the Schools, on the Bench

Rosemary Kowalski

Building Jobs from the Fabric of Special Events

Rick Rodriguez

Creating Productive Use of Real Estate in Texas, Colorado & Spain

Maria Antonietta Berriozabal

A Global Leader for All People

John Longoria

Serving with Knowledge and Leadership

Jon Esquivel

The Timeless Role of Composer-Educator

Hall of Honor – 2010 Honorees

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Mary Esther Bernal

The Whole System Is Her Classroom

Rudy Davalos

Leadership on the Boards

David Flores

The Best Sportswriters Know Where You Went to High School

Charlie Garza

Using the Tools and Fruits Of Business to Build a Brighter Future

Joe J. Bernal

Effective Representation in the State Senate

Jim Brandenburg

Winning by Teaching Character

Hall of Honor – 2009 Honorees

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Juliet V. Garcia

First Latina University President, Opening the Ivory Tower

Cecilio (Cecil) J. Lara

Teaching the Business of Life

Homer Martinez

The Only Way to Win is to Never Stop Running

Alexander E. Briseño

We Built this City on Heart & Soul

Brig. Gen. Belisario J. Flores

From Korea to the Stars: First Texas Hispanic General

Rita Vidaurri

A Lark Celebrating the Westside

Pete Ragus

A Winning Team for All Students

Hall of Honor – 2008 & Past Honorees

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